Annoying people

This world is full of annoying people and I'm sure that everybody knows a person which annoys them.Maybe a person which isn't annoying to me is annoying to someone else... and it's annoying how many time is used "annoying".

The most common annoying type of people are :

-Those who talk a lot,I name them "Broken Speaker"-when they open their mouth there are only three ways of closing it:
1.Wait until they fall asleep;
2.Kill them.
3.Say their mothers fat. (always works)

-The people which are so stupid that they become annoying aka "The Brain Damaged"-usually do everything wrong.No need in stopping these people because chance are that their going to kill themselves on the first task given.

-And there are those who ask a lot of questions,many of them not having any sense or any kind of reason.


Felix said...

doesn't work in the more severe cases.

Deidre said...

I hate the kids in the class who ask REALLY stupid questions. Over and over and over and over again. What is up with that?