Annoying people

This world is full of annoying people and I'm sure that everybody knows a person which annoys them.Maybe a person which isn't annoying to me is annoying to someone else... and it's annoying how many time is used "annoying".

The most common annoying type of people are :

-Those who talk a lot,I name them "Broken Speaker"-when they open their mouth there are only three ways of closing it:
1.Wait until they fall asleep;
2.Kill them.
3.Say their mothers fat. (always works)

-The people which are so stupid that they become annoying aka "The Brain Damaged"-usually do everything wrong.No need in stopping these people because chance are that their going to kill themselves on the first task given.

-And there are those who ask a lot of questions,many of them not having any sense or any kind of reason.


Be thankful for

For your husband who snores,
Because he's not in another woman's bed.

For the taxes you pay,
Because that means you have a job.

For the clothes which are a bit tight,
Because that means you have enough to eat.

For the shadow following you everywhere,
Because that means you are still human.

For the chores you have around home,
Because that means you have an house.

For the parking spot located at the end of the parking lot,
Because that means you can walk and you have a car.

For the noise made by neighbors,
Meaning that you can still hear.

For the alarm waking you up every morning,
Meaning that you still are alive.



You can learn many things from teachers which aren't always useful (never).But there are some teachers which know what we really need to know and those are the teachers from which we learn useful stuff.

And there's the Teachers Whiskey from which you really learn many things.

I'll start with the stupid teachers;
Stupid teachers are those which try to learn us through methods they read in a book or a magazine,and those tips don't really help because they usually make the classes boring and nobody can teach a class which doesn't like the teachers.

And there are the literally stupid teachers which don't know shit about what they try to teach us ,more over they think their really smart,trying to use smart word which neither us nor them know what they mean.

For example my Romanian teacher, she has a strange method because it would be the same thing if I studied at home , and she didn't even read the book which we have to read, when we ask her something she says she can't remember because she read the books when she was in high school or she saw a movie after it,what kind of language teacher does that?

And there are the good teachers which know what they teach us,for example my ex-math teacher.Even though he didn't have a very organized method we learned easier,and we knew that we could ask him anything if we don't know. Now with our current teacher we don't learn like before,not that we couldn't ask her if we didn't know something,but nobody has the guts.

And there are those teachers which don't teach you only the things you should learn at class and teach you many life lessons which in most cases are more important than that classes.

Cookies are good.


Learning time

Today kids, we learn how to say "Fuck you!" in 10 languages.This way you won't have any problems expressing your feeling too somebody when you are in one of these countries.

1.Estonian -
2.Filipino - sirain mo;
3.Finnish - vittu;
4.French - vas te faire encule;
5.Haitian - nike ou;
6.Hungarian -
7.Lithuanian - kurwa;
8.Norwegian -
fuck deg;
9.Romanian -
Du-te dracului;
10.Slovenian -
Jebi se;

Now when you're traveling you can always tell somebody a friendly Fuck you!